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4 Reasons to Treat Your Blog Like a Dog

I recently started thinking of my blog as a dog. (I named him Ernie.)

Why did I do this? Why should you do the same? Because a dog needs care and commitment to thrive. If you get lazy or distracted and ignore your dog for a few days, it will suffer… it may even die.

The same can be said of your blog.

If you want your blog to thrive, treat it like a dog!

Here are four reasons to think of your blog as a dog.

1. Dogs and blogs need to be fed.

Dogs love to eat. You should “feed” your blog every day, not just when you’re in the mood. Scraps are alright once in a while, but for best results, fill it with delicious and nutritious quality content. Keep it out of the garbage!

2.  Dogs and blogs need exercise.

Dogs need exercise and they love to go for walks. They want to explore, to experience new sights and smells. If they’re male, they also love to leave their mark. You should “walk” your blog every day. Explore and experience other blogs, sites, social networks. Leave your mark by commenting and participating. Be sure not to leave any crap!

3.  Dogs and blogs need to be protected.

Dogs depend on you to protect them from fleas, ticks, distemper, heartworm, rabies, pissed-off cats and other threats. You should protect your blog from spam, viruses, copycats, pissed-off commenters and other threats. Use protective plug-ins like [http://akismet.com/]Akismet. Back up your files with a service like [http://www.carbonite.com/]Carbonite. Turn competitors into colleagues. Don’t be afraid to let your blog take risks, but be wary about confronting bigger, meaner blogs!

4.  Dogs and blogs need to be loved.

Dogs bring us so much joy because they give us unconditional love. They are social animals, and they need love in return. You shouldn’t have a dog—or a blog—if you’re not going to love it. Like a certain football star interested only in the money his dogs could earn, your success will be short-lived if you are interested only in the money your blog can earn. Your readers will know whether you are passionate about your niche and truly love your blog. Show your blog love every day, or it may turn on you!

Treat your blog like a dog, and you’ll enjoy years of slobbery, face-licking fun!

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