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5 Mega Tips For Writing Hyper Effective Press Releases

One of the most powerful ways to generate free publicity and free traffic on the Internet is by writing press releases. It’s proven to be one of the most effective promotional methods online. Whenever you launch a new product or a business, simply submit a press release to generate instant publicity and traffic to your website! However, editors are very strict when it comes to choosing which press release to publish, so its wise to follow some proven tips for writing press releases so they get published. Here are 5 mega tips for writing press releases that get published and get huge publicity:

1. Have a focus in your press release. Instead of writing on many topics, focus on one topic so the reader will not get confused. What’s the problem your product solves? What’s the solution? Keep it simple and factual.

2. Don’t sound too promotional in your article. Write your article in a journalistic style. Pick up your daily paper and read it to have a feel of the writing style required for an effective press release. If your press release is too promotional, it won’t get published.

3. Make sure your press release is unique. Editors want to publish press releases which are groundbreaking or something new, so that their website’s credibility stays intact. Create a unique angle in your press release.

4. Write a killer title and opening paragraph. A killer title gets click-throughs for your press release and a killer opening paragraph almost ‘forces’ the reader to continue reading your press release.

5. Ensure your contact information is included in the press release. At the minimum, you should include your website’s URL.

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