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7 Best Ways to RSS

RSS is becoming one of the best ways to get to your public. It’s rapidly replacing the annoying mass emailings and spam that has historically jammed inboxes. Here are the 7 top RSS uses, methods, and other concerns.

1. Notifications

One thing you have to do is tell people about it. Otherwise you’re wasting your time. Often RSS is for advertising purposes–in that case, add it to your blogs and forum posts whenever possible.

2. Streamlining

RSS technology has already improved markedly since its invention. Keep on top of new ways to streamline your operations, including new mixers and other hardware.

3. Combine Feeds

You can combine RSS with press releases, podcasts, and other communication media for better results and less bandwidth used up.

4. Simulcasts

If you are combining your feeds, release them together to increase your subscriptions to all. This, in turn, can also increase your website hits dramatically.

5. RSS as Press Release

Instead of doing a press release and RSS simultaneously, you can use RSS as a press release to save money. Especially good for those on a tight budget.

6. Support Your PPC Advertising

RSS can help your name appear more often in front of the public, and help support your PPC advertising. This is especially true for sellers on the online auctions–you can increase update subscriptions for those who see your PPC ad.

7. Keep Contacts

Use RSS to keep your customers. You can send notices and updates this way and bypass most spam filters.

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