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8 Steps to Press Release Writing

The press release is one of the most effective ways of getting information to the public. It has gone from print and broadcast media into the realm of the internet, where it reaches millions with the click of a mouse button. Here are 8 steps to good targeted press release writing.

Step 1: The Template

You need to format your targeted press release carefully, making sure your contact information is at the top of the page with the words “For Immediate Release” directly underneath it.

Step 2: Date

Make sure your release is dated properly, and that it has plenty of time for distribution.

Step 3: Headline

Make sure the headline is an attention grabber. Follow the lead of the newspaper editors. Use current news to help you, and relate it to your announcement.

Step 4: Four Ws and an H

You must include all the information, or your press release is going into the trash. Targeted press release writing includes who, what, where, when, and how in the first paragraph.

Step 5: Style

While you want to make your writing interesting, don’t use the language of a college professor, or esoteric terms. Make it understandable to the general public, and write in the style of a newspaper reporter.

Step 6: Keep It Simple

Overwriting is another way to make sure your press release goes into the round file. Don’t over-inflate with embellished truths, either–that will come back to bite you.

Step 7: Use Power Words

Don’t write fluff, but use more powerful words wherever possible. Make sure you show why your product or service is unique.

Step 8: Ending

Your targeted press release writing should end with a call to action, to attend this function or got to a certain website., etc. Then type ### at the bottom, the standard ending to the press release.

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