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Advertising Your Web Site – Five Essential Steps

Advertising your web site is one of the most productive things that you can do to gain web traffic to your web site.  Now, I am going to let you in on some little-known techniques that in my mind qualify as advertising, although many other marketers would not think of them as advertising.  And yet, when you are thinking about advertising your web site, what do you really think about?  When I think of advertising my web site, I think of creating traffic to my web site using third parties to gain that traffic.  So that is what I am going to give you for these tips for advertising your web site.  If you disagree that these techniques all actually qualify as advertising, drop me a line and let me know – but be sure and try them all out first and see if your web site traffic doesn’t go up dramatically.

By the way, the way I have these set up, they are basically free techniques – meaning that they also qualify as free advertising, although I don’t like to put that in my title because I think that they wrong people read my articles, and I am quit fussy about who reads my articles.

So how do you advertise your web site, using my little-used as advertising, techniques?

1)  Get your web site listed in at least 100 web directories.  This may seem like laborious work, but some of my highest ranking backlinks are from web directories, so I really believe in this approach.

2)  Write 10 articles and submit 5 of these articles to the top 10 article directories online, based on their pagerank number.

3)  Take the other 5 articles and submit them to at least 100 article directories online.

4)   Now this next technique will cost you $10 per month – practically free.  Go to Google Adwords and Yahoo Overture and sign up for an account.  If you look around a little, you should be able to get a $50 credit from each to get started, so this will be free for the first 10 months, then if you like what it is doing for you, you can continue this technique.  Now, set up an account for your main web site and purchase ads at no more than 10 cents per each, so that for 10 dollars per month you will be getting at least 100 hits per month.  Now, you can go higher than 10 dollars per month if you are getting a direct return on those hits, but if you are not, just use 10 dollars per month.  You will be getting much more than 10 dollars per month in exposure, in my opinion, and again, if you set this up right, it will be free for the first 10 months, anyhow.

5)  Write 2 press releases and submit them to the top 5 press release web sites online.  Study some articles on writing the press releases before you write them and submit them, and you should gain an edge over many others who submit press releases.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 600 articles in print and 9 published ebooks.

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