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An Elaboration on the Basics of Free Website Promotion – Part 1

It takes money to make money is what the old adage says! And developing a company on the Internet is pretty much the same operationally as creating a brick and mortar business, but with many differences. With the diversity of assets from which to draw from on the Interest, the requisite of big money such as that required to open an offline business does not apply to the Internet. In this case, it really doesn’t take money to make money, at lease not as much as opening an offline business.  Internet versatility provides one with many ways to optimize your web based business without having to spend a large amount of capital. And while there are certainly an abundant supply of paid methods to enhance traffic flow to your website, many sites just don’t have the resources that others have to generate more traffic for your site.

Free website promotion: is it possible to actually drive web traffic to your website at no costs or very low cost? You bet it is. This article deals in brief with free promotional tips, tricks and techniques that you can take advantage of to drive free and low cost traffic to your site. If you have been involved in promoting your own Internet business for any period of time, then you have probably heard of most if not all of these methods. However, there may just be a method or two listed in this series that will help you boost the traffic to your website. Other articles dealing with this type of information mention perhaps 5 or 6 methods at the most and every article is basically the same. Here I will delve into not 5, but 15 or 20 or more tips and tricks. Hope you enjoy: happy reading!

There are just too many basic techniques to list them all in this article, so this will be a series of article written and dispersed over a period of a week or so. I do hope these tips and tricks will be of help to moving your business forward.

1. Submit to Directories
There are literally hundreds of Directories on the Internet one can submit their website to. A Directory as used on the Internet is a repository or a huge database of information about websites that is heavily optimized for reading and a directory supports search and browsing in addition to simple lookups.. A directory does not list every website on the Internet, but they do catalogue all sites that submit their site for that purpose. The best example of a Directory that I know of would be Yahoo. The Open Directory is another example of a highly used website directory.

Are you asking yourself just how to go about submitting your website to directories. Well, first, remember that there are literally hundreds of website directories on the Internet. It is imperative that you locate and submit as your website to as many as you can find. You can do a keyword search for website directories and go take a look at every one you can find. Make certain that you create you own list of directories as you will want to submit your website to them once a month or so.

2. Join Forums in your Niche

A forum is sort of a gathering place for like minded individuals with whom you can communicate about your niche. Other names a forum is commonly referred to are message boards, electronic discussion boards, bulletin boards, discussion forums and discussion groups. Every niche has hundred of Forums to choose for. The great thing about forums is that you can target a certain group of people that fit the demographics you are looking for. There are anonymous forums allowing for full anonymity that allow post without registering. Then there are the forums that require that one register with a login name and a password before being allowed to participate in any discussions. A majority of member only forums are moderated to ensure that the content one posts is appropriate for that niche topic as well as to prevent spam. Participants are identified by unique usernames and graphical avatars.

It can be a huge benefit and asset to driving free traffic to your website if only you will participate in the ongoing discussions in a forum. Every time you enter a post, whether you initiated it or not enables you to place a copy of your website link at the bottom. Considering that forums are usually high traffic sites; thus most have a high Page Rank. When you place your link on the forum, it is crawled as a backlink to your website from a high page rand site which carries a great deal of weight in where your site will end up in the search engines. Joining more then one forum: the more backlinks you are able to obtain, the better the chance you have of ranking very high up (maybe even the
first page) of the search engines for your various keywords.

3. Write a press release!

Writing a press release is a great way to establish free passive website traffic. Directed to members of the media, a press release (also known as a news release), is a written public relations announcement  sent to a list of targeted news publications for the express purpose of creating an interest about events in your company, either new events or added services for example. Let’s say that my company has just put the finishing touches on a new Ebook about Healthcare. In order to attract free interested parties to my sales page, I will write a summary of the ebook contents and send them to publications that are specifically involved in the healthcare field. It would not do me any good to send my information to a publication that specializes in sports or high finance or gardening would it. And if you do, you will likely stand a chance of being labeled as a spammer. So when you send your press releases, Rule 1 is to ensure you send to a targeted list of journalist that are geared to the product or service you are announcing. I think you get the picture.

Watch for Part 2 Coming Soon!

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