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Are you Blogging?

Are you blogging? Not yet? You must have been living somewhere out of this world! It seems almost everyone on earth is blogging now! Everybody is eager to get involved in this latest frenzy.

They say recent researches show there are well over 18 million Web Logs (blogs) on the Internet currently and this number is growing fast every day, which indicates there would be more weblogs than the websites in the near future.

There may be many reasons why weblogs are so popular lately. Perhaps people need to express themselves informally, telling like minded people what they think, what they feel. One other reason for the popularity of blogging is, it’s so easy to access weblogs in any category on the Web today.

Until blogs started popping up from every direction all over the Internet it had not been so easy for people to express themselves in such an informal way to a target audience on the Internet. Many blogs have daily visitors because it is not difficult for people to access blogs.

Now, you even don’t need to own a computer to access blogs; you can enter any blog on the Web from a computer in a public library or at an Internet cafĂ©. Blogging is so easy and simple today.

When blogging you can learn many useful things on the subjects you are interested in. You can find out what is going on in almost every category you can imagine from people who write their thoughts and feelings freely and informally in blogs.

For example, you would get the latest news and ideas in politics if it’s the field you’re anxious to know about, or new books, art exhibits, a new movie, what’s going on these days in the entertainment world, latest gossip, financial world, the only thing everyone, without exception, is chasing like mad, MONEY!

Why and how some people own a lot of it, what they have done to achieve it, what’s their secret formula and how you can be one of them soon. Hoping, maybe some guys would spill the beans when writing sincerely and freely. I think this is the one thing almost everyone is searching everywhere, online and offline; now in web logs!

Home business owners, too, are using blogs to generate leads and to increase sales. You can earn more money providing information in your blog on products and services you offer, letting other home business owners, at the same time, write about their own experiences, ideas, tools and services, success stories, and more. You can find information on Home Business Blogs, at: http://www.homebusinessblogs.com/archives/category/hbb/

If you want to own a blog yourself, it’s easy. The online hosting businesses listed below will help you set-up a blog, then they will host it, at: My Blog Online: http://www.myblog-online.com . Another business, providing blogs and hosting, is Weblogs, Inc., at: http://www.weblogsinc.com/

Free Blogs, to upgrade to the paid version later, are here: http://www.blogharbor.com/ http://www.blockstar.com/blog_learn.html

If you want to have your own blog, but don’t want to spend money, it’s easy, too. Visit the websites listed below, which provide free blogs: iBlogs – http://www.iblogs.com/

Blogger.com – http://www.blogger.com/ Google provides this blog for FREE.

BlogStream – http://www.blogstream.com/ is also a free blog provider.

You can get the tips to start a Blog easily. Starting a Blog.com is your quick start resource guide for starting your own blog, at: http://www.startingablog.com/

You can find information about Small Business Blogs at: http://www.smallbiztrends.com/ http://www.blogcatalog.com/ http://www.allbusiness.com/blog/TheSmallBusinessBlog/3882/

Learn what a Blog can do for your Small Business, at: http://sbinformation.about.com/cs/ecommerce/a/bblogs.htm Secrets of the Super Bloggers: http://www.homebizstartupguides.com/super_blogger_secrets.php

You can access two Business Blogs, at: http://www.mslpr.com/blogworks/ http://www.blogforbusiness.com/

Here is the Big Directory to search and find blogs in 463 categories with total 497 links, at: http://big-blog-directory.mc2blog.com/directory/

Tips and tricks to help you maximize your profit on the internet. Discussions into affiliate marketing and tools that can greatly simplify your life: http://mc2blog.com/blogs/big-blog-directory-marketing/

In fact, you can earn money with your own blog, providing information on the products and/or services you offer and sell in your business. You can also sell ad space to other business owners to advertise their offers.

All these advantages and benefits people get blogging online show us why blogging is so popular today, and why its popularity will continue to grow in the future.

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