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Article Writing – Well Written Press Releases

Do you want to get publicity? Usually, a press release will play a big part in the success of a thing or a person. It is free and at the same time provides more credibility since this would be coming from another person’s point of view, opinion, or experience.

Writing press release is just like writing any other documents but there are some points that needs to be stressed. They need to be very effective so that the public could make a decision out of your press release.

Things to consider before writing the press release:

• The reason why you are writing this release.

• Who are your target audiences?

• What do you want the recipients to take away from this press release?

• Would the information on the press release be vital to your audience?

• What is the just cause for coming up with this press release?

Getting with the Structure and Format of the Press Release

1. Take note of the content. It should be free from grammatical errors, incorrect spellings and errors. It should provide resources that were correctly quoted.

2. Be simple and concise. Do not use highly technical and flowery words.

3. It should be factual. Do not embellish things that need to be communicated. Be sure that information presented are 100% correct.

4. Try to be as objective as you can. Refrain from presenting things that would render your opinions as biased.

5. Timing should be considered. Usually, press releases are distributed before an important event.

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