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Best Press Release Writing – 9 Ways To Excel At Press Release Writing

Any owner, operator and manager of a business with an online presence will aim at some profitable marketing to promote the business. With a press release, it is possible to inform the media about your product, so make it a point to excel in press release writing.

The heading of the press release is very important as this is what attracts the reader’s attention. So think of a short, descriptive and active headline for the press release. It needn’t be a complete sentence but it should propagate your message.

The beginning of the press release should have the most important information with answers to all the questions a person may have about the product. Not everyone will be patient to read the complete press release. However in the process, don’t exaggerate too much on your product. One strong sales pitch as a quotation from someone in the company is sufficient.

It is better to write in the active voice to keep the press release interesting while deleting extra words. A press release should ideally be about two pages or less with the last paragraph summarizing the information of your company. all press releases should end with a ‘###’ or “-30-“, as a rule.

When writing the press release, don’t forget to add a contact address so that you can be contacted for information by anyone who needs it. don’t add unnecessary technical jargon in the press release as the press release is meant to be read by the common man. Technical jargon will make the press release uninteresting to read.

It is instead better to include the benefits and the use of the product or service you offer in the press release. The more details you include, the more read and understood will be your press release. And don’t forget to proofread the press release before releasing. Incorrect format and spelling and grammar mistakes only make the company look unprofessional.

With all these implementations, you can be sure that you press release will be successful and receive the readership and interest it deserves.

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