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Blidgets, The Next Generation Of Web Widgets By Widgetbox

Blidgets, a tool similar to web widgets enables each blog users into embedding them into their web site as long as it is customizable with additional html codes.? Now the big difference is although web widget delivers one type of functionality to the blog user, a blidget delivers mutiple functionalities.

Blidget comes in a form of a box, usually a lot bigger then the traditional web widget.? With a scroll bar delivered for users to scroll up and down the blidget itself without moving the page, the box also provides additional functionalities as well versus the one function web widget.? On top of deliverying various functionalies, Widgetbox also provides a very user friendly interface which enables users to customize each widget according to their needs.? Now, this is a very distinctive feature versus the traditional web widget.? The traditional web widget only provides the user one functionality programmed by its creator and is usually not customizable.

Beyond these advantages blidgets provide, the user is also given the option to incorporate additional widgets into their web site without changing the code of their web page.? These “smart box” can be added without the user having to copy and paste the html codes over and over again for additional blidgets every single time.? The users are allowed to make the changes within the web site provided by Widgetbox and as they are saved at their web site, the blidgets are updated instantly at the user’s blog site.? Once you have embedded the blidgets into your web site, whenever the user updates on the information from the other end; as a subscriber you are updated instantly from your blidget.

Along with these amazing features, the blidget are also made in many forms to enable videos and functionalities for shopping as well.? With huge potentials, blidgets can potentially make it possible for bloggers to now shop, watch videos, and do all the daily tasks that is normally required by simply going onto the same site everyday.

Through it’s easy access and availability, business owners, bloggers, and friends can now be updated through these blidgets all in real time simply by downloading the blidget from the other party whom they are interested in looking at.? It eliminates the long lists of web sites people go through everyday and puts it all under a box.? Combined with all of these positive functionalities, one can only suspect the future of blidgets over web widgets are only gonna grow exponentially.? If blidgets is still not an area that you are familiar with, I would definitely recommend checking them out today.

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