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Blog Marketing – What A Long Strange Trip It Is

At first blush, Blog Marketing shouldn’t be much different then “old fashioned” affiliate marketing. However, a Blog brings with it a new set of challenges along with some powerful new ways of getting your message out. Let’s take a closer look…

I’ve been a web marketer since the late 1990’s, for the majority of my career, I’ve developed plain old HTML websites. Those HTML relics were clunky, problematic to maintain and didn’t lend themselves to much in the way of updating. Basically we’d develop a web page, do a little SEO tweaking, once we got it where we wanted it, we’d …ah, forget about it. Now early on this was fine, everyone did it this way and it just worked. However, the new millennium brought with it a brand new platform —The Blog!

When I first heard the term Blog, I couldn’t help but think of an old “B” movie that starred Vincent Price (oh wait that was The Blob), anyway I really didn’t start Blogging until last year (2006). By then Blogging was big business and I was just a late comer…

Here’s the big difference between Blog Marketing and HTML site marketing. Where an HTML page is static, a Blog post is dynamic, it’s designed to grow. Instead of just being a web page that speaks about something, a Blog post speaks to its readers and asks for feedback and further input. A good blog post is really a conversation; it can be almost as intimate as a couple of friends having coffee at the corner Starbucks.

So with this intimacy comes a much stronger connection. This connection can be a powerful way to sell. If you have an audience that listens to everything you say (post) then selling to them is as easy as saying “this new product is great, you have to try it”. And odds are, a percentage of your readers will take your advice and go out and buy whatever it is you’re talking about.

However, it’s a double edged sword. That intimacy that makes for such powerful selling can cool down pretty quickly once you start to over exploit it. Once you start posting nothing but product recommendations, those close friends that kept your site going will become nothing more then jaded infrequent visitors.

So there’s the key difference. With a static site you can build a sales path and dump as much traffic to it as you want. A Blog on the other hand, needs to be free flowing. You can’t (or you shouldn’t anyway) build a set path for you users to follow. Your visitors have their own ideas when they hit your site. They want to read what you’ve posted and they want to interact but they want to do it their own way. Blog marketing is more about fostering a sense of freedom in your users then it is about some structured sales path.

David Olsen has been an Internet Marketer since 1999. In his career he has developed well over one hundred affiliate websites and promoted dozens of products. He is an expert in SEO and writes extensively about it at his flagship website, Affiliate Profit Center.

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