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Blog With Bad Content and Fail

Bloggers all over the internet are generating content for their readers in all sorts of niches. In many cases, the bloggers are creating these blogs only for profit. The problem with doing this is their income will be substantially less than that of the income of a proffessional blogger who is passionate about their topic.

The reason for this is because the passionate person is writing about their topic in a way that makes their readers return over and over again. Over time this blogger is building a relationship with their readers and getting to know them through their comments. These bloggers send emails to their readers, get others to write on their blogs, and contribute information that their readers love. This blogger will be earning more than the other, less passionate blogger.

The blogger who wants to earn money and does not have interest in the topic will be writing posts that don’t really interest their readers. The reason the readers won’t be interested is because the writing is not interesting. If a blog about dogs has a writer that hates dogs and writes generic articles, the readers will leave the blog to find a more interesting blog.

In addition, the blog will not be posted to daily or even more often. A blog that is not updated daily or more often will not have a large following. People love to visit blogs that are updated so often that they will see new content every time they visit it. This blog will have a huge gathering of visitors and a large amount of comments adding content to the blog for free.

All in all, the blogger with passion will attract an audience and make a blog very viral. Each of these visitors will tell their friends about the blog and the traffic will increase. With proper monitization, the blog’s income would soar into the thousands with ease.

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