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Blogging Blues? 3 Simples Steps to an Effective Blog

A lot of small business owners are blah about blogging. If, like so many of us, you’ve added it to that to-do list that never quite gets done, consider making it a priority–blogging not only raises your search engine standing (for free), it also makes you part of a public dialogue…which helps keep your client base interested in what you have to say. This interest not only moves people along the sales-cycle, it establishes your expertise…and keeps people coming back for more!Find the idea of generating that much new content a little daunting? Unleash your inner Californian and Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle your way to a better, simpler blog.


The best blog entries are short and sassy. Shortening the majority of your entries to 100 words or so not only makes the blog easier to maintain, it makes the blog more interesting. Remember, each posting should just be a snippet of your brain, not the full three pounds.


You know the really cool video you saw on YouTube? Or that picture of President Bush shaking hands with SpongeBob SquarePants? The incredibly apropos New York Times Online article that makes your point for you? Not every idea on your blog has to come directly from your brain…videos, images, and other people’s writing can make for perfectly respectable posts.


The blog post is really only the beginning of a piece’s lifespan. From the blog post comes the online article, which begets the e-book, which becomes the actual book. It’s good for the bottle, it’s good for the can…

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