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Blogging for Business – It’s Not Just for Geeks Anymore

A few years ago most business people who had even heard of the word “blog” associated it with opinionated weirdos and potty-mouthed teenagers expressing their angst online for all the world to see. And that stuff is certainly still going on in a lot of places.

But somewhere along the way, blogs got serious. When newspaper reporters started finding blog entries coming up ahead of their well-researched pieces in online searches for terms like “war in Iraq,” the journalistic world caught on. Now you can hardly find a mainstream newspaper whose editors and reporters don’t have blogs.

And right after that, business started getting in the game. From carmakers General Motors to local northeast Ohio businesses like Ben Sutton? Golf School, businesses of every size in every industry are taking advantage of the benefits of blogging. What are those?

Create loyalty. Engaging your? ? ? ? ? customers on your blog creates an ongoing dialog about your products and? ? ? ? ? service that fosters loyalty Build trust. Being open and honest? ? ? ? ? about your company invites trust among prospects, vendors, investorsImprove customer service. Inviting? ? ? ? ? direct feedback from your customers gives you first-hand information about? ? ? ? ? how to make your products and services more desirable.Improve your search engine ranking.? ? ? ? ? Search engines love fresh, relevant? ? ? ? ? content. Keeping your blog up with news and information that adds value to? ? ? ? ? your customers also make the search engines love your site.? ?

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Barbara? Payne, managing principal of www.ReallyGoodFreelanceWriter.com, helps companies, executives, and professionals find their True Voice and use it to attract loyal, profitable customers via speeches, presentations, and corporate blogs. Get FREE tips on writing your business blog at http://www.blogforbusiness.com.

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