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Blogging – Quality or Quantity?

If creative writing is your forte and you’re a blogger as well, you may be torn between the need to write well and write plenty. You’d say they don’t match. Indeed they don’t.

It’s just not possible to churn out endless supply of articles with the same creative zeal everyday or every second day. Creative juice after all has its own tide and ebb.

Chance is as a creative writer you’ll at best write one or 2 pieces a week, go through the content couple of times to see if it/they make sense or has/have any typo, satisfy yourself that you’ve given it/them a decent effort, and only then release it/them for others’ consumption.

If that is the routine you follow as a blogger, you stand less chance to get noticed on your blog’s own strength. You can perk up your chances by letting your friends and colleagues know about your new post. But even this cannot perhaps go on beyond twice, or may be thrice.

Eventually you may come to terms with the reality that your blog needs fresh contents nearly everyday to remain in reckoning for attracting eyeballs. You may, like a purist, prefer your blog unblemished by the rush of quantity, but that will deprive it from being seen by many a viewer.

The question that comes next is how you can multiply contents in your blog. Okay, you’ll write good amount yourself, which may be a tall order given that perhaps you’ve other works to do to earn bread.

But suppose you do manage time to write all posts yourself. Won’t you feel fatigued after awhile? How would you write a steady stream of fresh content day after day, yet maintain some minimum quality to remain relevant to your readers?

The answer probably lies in hiring writers. Better still, getting private label articles or free articles from article directories. There too doubts remain.

Are the hired writers really skilled as much as you are? Do they have ability to write contents that would offer value to your readers? Most importantly, are they simply copying from other sources, or doing it the clever way by manipulating contents?

If not, that’s good. But then, are they giving verified information, or just quoting from unreliable sources?

Questions such as the ones above are indeed important if the option is to source contents from outside. In other words, maintaining the quality of a blog is like a double-edged sword. Write less, you’ve fewer visitors. Source more, you may be compromising quality.

Which is why the article, Spend Time Blogging Wisely – It is An Investment [http://www.everybodygoto.com/2007/05/29/spend-time-blogging-wisely-it-is-an-investment/], makes sense to me. What about you?

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