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Blogging Secrets #19 – 8 Ways to SEO Your WordPress Blogs

While blogs are great with search engines, getting to the top 10 listing of a search engine requires some work on your part. Most blogs are hosted on wordpress. The issue with wordpress is with their SEO capabilities. WordPress Blogs are not search engine optimized out of the box and you will have to spend some time with SEO for your blog.

Optimizing your wordpress blog will give you more natural highly targeted traffic to your blog. Below are some of the ways you can optimized your wordpress blog for search engines.

1.Permalink Structure

Always change the permalink before creating any post. The best permalink structure is

“domain.com/category/post-name” Never use the date and month in the middle as the deeper the post are the harder it gets found

First you need to change the permalink in your wordpress. Don’t change the htaccess file as wordpress will rewrite it all over again. What you can do is to login to your wordpress and click on options. In options you will find a permalinks tab. Click on the tab and enter


And click on update. After doing this, all your post permalinks will be automatically rewritten. Using this method can dramatically improve your ranking in the search engines.

2. Use suitable tags and structure?

All your post must have the title of the post be in h2 tag. Look through your stylesheet and the theme template and see if the title is tag properly. Its important to have h2 tags for your titles. Remember to always have a good headline and title for your post. When checking your wordpress theme template, do check whether there are other h2 tags used. Always change them to something else as you only want the H2 tags to be for your post titles.

3. Use optimized title?

WordPress by default puts the post title at last in the header. The best option is always have it first. Download the plugin called “optimal title”. This plugin will allow you to put the title anywhere you want. Use the format “Post Name | Keyword 1| Keyword2” which is more effective then the traditional format.

4. Related Post.?

The most important thing you can do for your wordpress blog is to install the related post plugin. This plugin will help improve your page views and help with internal linking. Internal linking is very important for SEO. This plugin will help to make your blog look more valuable to spiders and getting all your post to be indexed.
5. Links from Authority Sites.?

Inbound links will always be the hall mark of SEO. Getting an authority site to link to your blog will tremendously help with your rankings. Find budding bloggers that are blogging on similar topics to link back to you. Create a Squidoo lens and add content to it, this will not only bring more traffic to your site but increase your pagerank as Squidoo lenses have pageranks of 5 -7. Try to buy links as well. Do whatever it takes to get more link popularity to your blog.

6. Top viewed posts plugin?

One of the important plugin’s you must have on your blog is the top views plugin. As in the related post plugin, it will increase your page views. It makes it easy for the search engine robots to index your whole site and not leave out anything,

7. 404 page redirect?

Always remember to edit the error page and have a redirect to your main page. Many have lost thousands because of not optimizing their 404 page.
8. Create a Sitemap.?

The best way you can optimize your blog for search engine is to create a sitemap for your blog and submit it to Google sitemap. This will tell Google what your site consist off and makes it easier for Google to index your page.

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