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Blogging Secrets #9 – 7 Extremely Powerful Ways To Triple Your Adsense Revenue On Your Blog

Most bloggers will use some type of contextual advertising on their blogs. Google Adsense is one of the most popular contextual advertising methods online. Making $100 to $500 a day from your blog with Adsense is possible.

However one thing a blogger must realize is there is only 2 ways to really make money from Adsense. First is getting High paying keywords and the second is to increase their Click through Rate. Here are 7 powerful ways to increase your CTR,

1. Blending. There are two camps of thought here. The first one believes if you blend the ads with the page and make it look like links then you will get higher CTR. The other believes that if you make the ads stand out then it will get higher CTR. The main thing you need to remember is to test and keep testing which method works best for your blog.

2. Wrapping Wrapping the ads around your content has proven to work on many websites and blogs. We suggest you place the ads within you posting. Use the medium rectangle or large rectangle for more CTR.

3. Place the ad near menu’s and buttons From my experience, the highest CTR can be achieve by placing the ads near a menu button or a submit button of an opt-in box. The best thing to do is to just use one ad format on your blog and not fill it up with the maximum 3 ad format. This is done for 2 reasons. First it will make your blog look more genuine and second you will get better paying ads showing up on your page.

6. Use Competitive Ad Filter Most of the times you don’t want your competitors or low paying ads to showing up in your Adsense ads. This why you use the competitive ad filter.

To use the competitive ad filter you need to login to your Adsense account and go to the setup tab and add a link to the competitive ad filter.

7. AdSense Deluxe Plugin The best plugin for wordpress so far has been the Adsense deluxe plugin. It makes it easy to add your ads in between your content. We highly recommend you to download this plugin and install it on your blog. You can get it at


Using the methods above you will definitely triple you Adsense income within a few weeks. Remember to get more traffic to your blog as more traffic means more income to you. Read all of our 100 Blogging Secrets and learn how to drive massive amount of traffic to your blog and make $1000 a day from blogging.

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