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Blogging Versus Email Newsletters – Do You Need Them Both?

After you have clicked on the article link and before the text is fetched, you probably think — “What Do I think about this one?” You must have an opinion even though the issue (of blogging) is still fresh.

I would say; you need only one of them, if not neither.

You need an email newsletter in the case where you think that relationship management is a must for you business. This story didn’t change much. With a newsletter you are able to give prospects and clients valuable information that is not otherwise available. The newsletter should continue news, but also updates and other product information or discounts. Success stories may be included, etc, etc.

With a newsletter you show your public that you are still around. The frequency per issue may vary, but the credibility will increase when this frequency is constant. This requires hard work, and only liable companies are able to do this. This is why most people buy (on the internet); ninety percent out of trust.

If sales is not your first business priority, than you do not need an email newsletter. There are so many other specialized direct marketing companies and focused companies that you should better link to. And you do not even have to write them a letter, you ought to convince them that your service or product is a win for both.

If sales is not your first priority than you can do without a weblog too. There is no need for a weblog, other than that it is just fancy. Choose for one, if you think it will help your business.

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