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Blogging With WordPress: 7 Quick and Easy Tips to Get Started With Your WordPress Blog Now!

You know you want to start a blog, but how does this whole? blogging thing work?? It’s not nearly as difficult as you? might imagine.? Here are 7 quick and easy tips to get you? started.

1.? ? ? ? Even if you don’t have your own domain and hosting account you can get a free WordPress blog at the WordPress site.? See ‘References’ at the end of the article to access the WordPress site. It won’t be quite as? professional as a WordPress blog hosted on your own site, but the point is – just do it.? Don’t worry about hosting – it isn’t critical. When you arrive at the WordPress site? just click on the big blue button that says, ‘Start Your? WordPress Blog”.

2.? ? ? Create a user name. This will become part of the name? of your blog so put some real thought into this name.? Make? it relevant to the subject of your blog.? ? Fill in your e-? mail address (a primary address where you will receive your? login instructions, password and other important? information). Agree to the legal stuff and…

3.? ? ? Click on ‘Gimme A Blog!’? WordPress will do everything? that is necessary to create your blog for you.? You don’t? have to do a thing except continue to the next page.

4.? ? ? On the next page you will see your domain name.? It? will consist of yourblogname.wordpress.com.? Take a few? minutes to admire it!? This might be your very first domain? and your first home on the Web.

5.? ? ? Now you must think about the title of your blog.? This? is as important as the name because it will appear in the? header on every page of your blog.? The search engines will? know it’s the name and will decide on your ranking? depending on how relevant the title is to your content.? ? Choose well.

6.? ? ? Sit back, have a cup of coffee,? and wait for your activation e-mail. You will receive detailed instructions? from the folks at WP on what to do next.

7.? ? ? Start Blogging!

References:? WordPress Site – http://www.wordpress.com

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