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Blogs: The New Frontier

As an Entrepreneurial business owner you must always be open to new ideas to create additional revenue centers and/or develop prospects and new customers. I started in Construction back in the early 1990’s but got into an IT Contract Placement Business through a contact I had in my sphere of influence a few years earlier. My contact had many IT Professionals in his resume database and I had the contacts in the large Banks and Corporations. As time went on I met another contact and we used his internet development know how and my contacts in the industry and we developed an online Professional Trades Networking business. I later walked away from that business realizing that we were too far ahead of our time. I also leveraged my employees and equipment where ever and when ever I thought I could make an extra buck. My lesson learned was to always keep my eyes open to the next opportunity. Today, that next opportunity is Blogs.

Blogs are the new frontier. As was the development of the American West with Adventurist Frontiersman searching out new growth opportunities across the United States they were followed by the settlers when word got back east of lush fertile lands and valleys and glens with fresh spring fed waters. Or, the gold strikes of San Francisco that were staked out by the leaders and the cities were built by the settlers pursuing their dreams of unimaginable wealth. “Go West Young Man!” These were the cries of the Eastern Business men who used the west as an opportunity to sell their wares.

The Blog, in my humble estimation, is at the Settler stage. A great book/study conducted by Bill Ives and Amanda Watlington, both PH.D.’s, states this best, (the book is Business Blogs: A Practical Guide, and can be purchased through this link: http://www.businessblogguide.com ) with a reference to a 2004 Pew Internet and American Life Project found, “…approximately 11% of internet users are blog readers and that 5% have actually built a blog or posted a comment to a blog. The medium was exploding…Pew estimated that blog readership shot up 58%. 27% of the 120 million internet users read blogs, up from 17% a few months earlier, for a global total of 32 million.” It is clear to see that the medium (Blogs) was exploding in 2004 and in 2007 the exponential growth might be hitting a flash point just as the Chrysler Mini Van did to sales for a struggling Chrysler Corpoartion. With the millions of people sourcing information from blogs and Search Engines moving Blogs up the page rankings quicker than websites due to the frequency of change on the Blog we are now entering a period of World Wide Web settlement. Note: If you plan to start a Blog you will need to work hard to make daily changes to your blog perhaps as high as 5 times a day.

Now here is the opportunity; online advertising. The higher you get on the Search Engines which is driven by the more people who read and see value in what you have to say will get you higher paying advertisers on your Blog. To the entrepreneur who is working from home and is probably on his or her computer everyday building and maintaining a blog can be part of your prospecting schedule providing valuable information to your clients or target industry. And, if you can make some money at it as well, well that can’t be so wrong. 🙂

Thanks to the Blog Frontiersmen and hello to the New Blogger who will build the Blog Cities to come!

Ray is a Blogger writing for Entrepreneurs or soon to be Entrepreneurs and the Work From Home business person. You can read more at Ray’s Blog: http://franchisefun.blogspot.com/

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