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Can Podcasting Be Used to Your Advantage?

Podcasting has been around for a few years and it seems that lately it has been gaining popularity.? See for yourself.? Do a search on internet marketing in any podcast directory.? You will find that there are numerous web marketers using podcast to reach their audiences.

How can you get started with podcasting?? It is actually much easier than it seems.? You will need a basic microphone to plug into your computer.? An audio recording software.? I recommend Audacity because it is free.? The last item on the list is somewhere to host your podcast.? You can usually use a blog if you have one and, there are many podcast hosting sites popping up every week.? Just do a search on Google for a podcast hosting site.

Next you are going to need to open up Audacity and select stereo mix from the drop down menu on the right.? ? ? Now you are ready to start recording your message.? Make sure your message flows well and is easy to understand.? After you are happy with your recording, you need to convert the file to mp3 format.? Just go to File and select export as mp3.? Save the file to an easy to locate folder on your hard drive.? Using your FTP, upload the file to your host.? If you are using a podcast hosting site you may have another option such as using their upload feature.? Now you have to put your podcast in a feed.? If it is on a blog you can just use the feed url for your blog.? Submit the feed to Itunes, Yahoo, or whoever else you choose.

Hopefully this will help you reach a larger audience and bring more traffic to your site.

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