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Competition in the Online Press Release Website Venue

When looking at all the many Press-Release Websites out on the Internet today one would have to ask is the field already too crowded? Is another press release website a valid concept? Well sure it is a viable concept and sure there is competition, there is competition on everything. Lets say an online article submission website or online business article website launched an online press release website? Would that be a significant enough niche to make it a viable add-on?

Well, if online submission sites goals are to divert the 1000s of rejects of articles, which are clearly way too commercial then it might make sense. Of course once the secondary site was added you must give adequate exposure to the diverted article and the author. If you are diverting without delivery of Increased Press Exposure, you could be said to be tricking folks, trying to appease them instead of being strict and simply saying NO, take your salesy article elsewhere.

But also realize that some article authors only wish to write self promoting articles that cross an online article submission sites editorial lines and borders of acceptability. Nevertheless, such a secondary market is of value and could develop a following of authors who used it exclusively with only a few regular articles on this site. Consider this in 2006.

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