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Content Generation for Novice Bloggers

People vary in terms of writing style as well as their comfort zone with writing in general, but we all do it. And it’s a safe bet that whether they like writing or not, no business owner got anywhere without having to communicate in writing at some point or another. Hence we’re all bloggers–albeit at various stages of development.

One thing I hear from clients quite often is, even with just a fuzzy understanding of what a blog is and how it drives qualified traffic to your site, people still say, “I just don’t know what to write about.” Turns out writers’ block made it out of the dot-com bust alive.

Thanks to Pat Doyle and other leaders of the content generation movement, we always have somewhere to turn for ideas. I’m going to post a series of these pointers to revisit the issue every so often. Pat’s “23 Great Ideas For Blog Posts” has so far been my primary inspiration. Here’s one I particularly liked:

18. Run a poll. After it’s done, discuss the results.

This is the gift that keeps on giving:

1) You get to ask a question that is germane to your business, whose answer may actually make a meaningful impact on your business. The market research industry has grown into a $25 billion business because companies have learned to look for answers from the same people writing their checks. Some examples:

Record label: “On this band’s latest album, what was the first song you played for a friend?”
Event promoter: “At what price point does an entry fee make you think twice?”
Real estate consultant: “What is your biggest fear throughout the entire mortgage closing cycle?”

2) You’re giving your customers the gift of interactivity. Sharing an opinion or feedback is the kind of engagement that appeals to the narcissist in all of us.

3) You get a chance to draw in people beyond your core constituency, and can entice them to leave contact information, if they are curious to know the results.

Setting up a poll is very easy. You can ask your search engine marketing consultant to do it for you.

Paul Burani is an internet marketing consultant based in New York, NY.  After acquiring account experience working with Fortune 500 clients in the advertising and market research industries, he has since turned his attention to startups and growing businesses.  His company, Clicksharp Marketing, serves small business clients in the New York area with specialties in website design and search engine marketing.

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