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Copywriter As Blogger – Add Blogging To Your Copywriting Income Stream

If you’re a copywriter and blogger, you’ll know that creating a blog, and updating it regularly, is just about the easiest way ever to promote yourself and your copywriting services. The search engines love blogs, and you’ll find that within 24 hours of adding a post to your blog, the post will be indexed and gathering attention for you.

Blogs also work for your clients – a blog is a fantastic way to promote their business at minimal expense. Unlike advertising the blog stays online, and gets business for your clients for years to come.

So how do you get blogging gigs?

Pro Blogging Under Contract: Get Blogging Gigs From Your Current Copywriting Clients

The easiest way is to get blogging gigs from your current clients. Most will have heard of “blogging”, so it will be an easy sell. Many will ask you to create a blog for them, and others will jump at the chance of a blog as soon as you mention it. I’ve been blogging since 2001, and like most copywriters, I offer a blog-creation and development service to my clients.

Send a letter to your current copywriting client list – or an email message – to advise them that you’re now offering blogging services.

Promote Your Blogging Services On Your Copywriting Blog

To attract new blogging clients, either create a copywriting blog – or add a blogging category to your current business blog, so you can get new blogging clients. That’s about all you have to do, and you’ll soon get more blogging gigs that you can handle.

Make sure that you add a small advertisement to your blog’s sidebar, stating that you’re available to write blogs. And of course, work out a price structure for your blogging activities, so you’re prepared when a client asks you: “How much do you charge?”

Two of my ebooks will help you to get blogging gigs: Writing For The Web (this ebook has templates and blog post examples) at http://abmagic.com/Web_Write/Web_write.html, and Blogging For Dollars: How to become a career blogger — in your PJs, if you want (helps you to turn blogging into a real money-spinner for you) at http://abmagic.com/Blog/blogging.html. New to copywriting? Visit my copywriting blog at http://sevendayscopywriting.com/

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