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Customized SEO – Is It Worth The Extra Cost? Part II

By Sean Ray

Customized SEO may or may not be worth the cost.

This is a very important aspect of customized SEO:? do not lead the spiders on a merry dance, and not bleed content from your site through crawlable links.? Links are fine, but in the right place.? If you have them in the wrong place through necessity, tell the spiders to ignore them.? Do not overuse this attribute.

But this is only the start.? Once the spider is on your index page, you must make it easy for it to crawl through all the other webpages on your site. Your links should be orderly, leading from one page to another, and not jumping all over the place.? If you have any links, such as affiliate links, that would lead the spider away from your site, tell the spider to ignore them.? There are ways to do this, such as the “nofollow” attribute.

It is also important that you understand that the spider will frequently look at only the first 300 – 400 words on your site, and if they do not seem sufficiently relevant to the topic, will leave. Do not use a left hand navigation column unless you know how to use columns to best effect.? Spiders look at the left column first, read down it, and then go up to the top of the next column which could be your main text.? Make it read your main text first.

You text should be written naturally and relevantly about the subject in your heading.? Do not use keywords too much.? The days are gone when up to 3% keyword density was good.? Modern algorithms are happy with two or three keywords every 500 – 600 words, including one in each of the first and last paragraphs. The rest of the text should be rich in words that relate to the theme. Do not provide a link to lead the spider away from your text until the end of the page.

Finally, never believe a company offering customized SEO and promising you a top 10 position after customization, or offering to submit your site to 50,000 search engines. There are only three or four search engines worth submitting to, though submission is not really necessary.? The search engines will eventually find your site.? Nobody can offer a top listing in the engines unless they own the search engines.? If eleven people take up the offer, what then?

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