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Directory of Blog Directories, 2 Meta Directories To Get You Started

? Soon after the rise in popularity of blogging came the blog directory web sites. Today’s hot question is, how do I find and register in as many blog directories as possible to increase the visibility of my work. Bloggers seem to have an addiction to traffic and they are willing to try anything that will bring readers to their sites. However, with the increasing number of tools available to bloggers this task is becoming more and more difficult. The actual mechanics of registering a blog in a directory is not difficult, but staying organized and having a rational process is nearly impossible.

Blog directory sites are essentially specialized search sites that focus exclusively on blogging. You can think of them as mini-Googles only for blogs. This is very useful as it allows the blogs to be found without forcing the searcher to wade through non-blogging sites. There are various features on each of these directories, but the basic mission is same. Help bloggers be found. Most offer a search function. Many offer peer rating. You will often see a “leader board” that lists the most popular blogs. This is a great place to be if you have a high-traffic site because you will get free advertising for as long as you remain in the lead. The more advanced directory sites offer services to help you market your feed (RSS or ATOM).

Finally, we are starting to see the emergence of the directory of blog directories. Yes, this sounds a little circular, but given that there are over 200 blog directories in Google today, this is becoming necessary. Think of the directory of blog directories as a meta blog directory. For the blogger just starting out, these are a fantastic place to start. Working with a directory of blog directories will save hours of research and forum time and allow the writer to get to the sites where they can register for free. Here are 2 to get you started:

1) www.blogupper.com claims to have over 250 directories listed. They have a nice pop-up that shows you a thumbnail of the site before you go there. Additionally, they have the list nicely sorted by those that are free and those directories that cost money.

2) www.blogskinny.com has a similar list. It is the only site that offers a free tracking tool that will remember which directories you’ve been to, will email you when new directories are located, and gives you a drop-down to provide feedback on the directory for other users. They will also give you free advertising for your blog if you make it through the entire list as an incentive.

In summary, the number of blog directory sites has grown to the point where a directory of blog directories is now an essential tool for the beginning blogger. I foresee in the future that this entire process will be automated. Given the current tools available, I see no reason that automated submission to blog directories couldn’t be done with RSS feeds. Given the rate of change in the blogosphere, I’m sure that nifty software that does just this is right around the corner.

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Recommended directory for bloggers just starting: www.blogskinny.com. Register your blog, get free advertising, use their tracking tools to stay organized, and get notified when new blog directories are located.

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