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Discover How Online Public Relations Could Drive Laser Targeted Traffic To Your Website For Free!

Public Relations…WHY??

Placing your ad in any type of traditional online or offline media could become quite pricey if you’re not careful.

Offline Advertisements include: TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.

Online Advertisements include: Banners, Pay-Per-Click, Ezines etc.

However there is a way to get your ‘ad’ in these types of media offline AND online FOR FREE by using a POWERFUL strategy called Public Relations!

Public Relations is a realm of the Internet Marketing industry that new internet marketers SERIOUSLY overlook.

What is ‘Public Relations’?

Public Relations (also known as ‘PR’) describes the perception that the public, or society in general, has about you, your business or your cause. It is how you and/or your business ‘relates’ to the ‘public’.

From a marketing and promotional standpoint, your goal is to ‘advertise’ your product or service in these forms of media listed above. However it costs money to advertise doesn’t it?

Now the question becomes, ‘Is there an alternative MORE AFFORDABLE way to get exposure for your product or service in the media?’


Consider this: Instead of being one of the advertisers in the media (that most people tend to ignore anyways), why not actually become one of the STORIES?

In other words when a person flips through a magazine, watches the news or listens to the radio, they tend to pay attention to the actual CONTENT of these media formats.

When you flip through a magazine, do you actually spend a lot of time reading all the advertisements? When you watch the news, do you even pay a lot of attention to the commercials? As you listen to the radio (ESPECIALLY talk radio), do you pay a large amount of attention to the commercial breaks?

Probably not…

However, what DO you focus your attention on?

The CONTENT of course!

Instead of being just an advertiser, why not have YOU, YOUR PRODUCT or YOUR SERVICE included in the CONTENT of an actual talk radio broadcast, magazine article, or TV News spot?

I know what you’re thinking, ‘How in the world am I going to do that?’

Believe it or not, it’s MUCH easier than you think!

The first step is to mentally imagine yourself as a:

1) Talk Radio DJ

2) Magazine Article Editor

3) TV Reporter

What is the main job function of these three occupations?

To provide quality content to the public of course!!

These 3 occupations have the obligation to provide quality content EVERY SINGLE DAY, EVERY SINGLE MONTH, FOR YEARS AND YEARS!

Do you think that maybe they may feel strapped for stories at times? Of course! Enter the PRESS RELEASE – this is one of the MOST POWERFUL ways to get your business into the media!

Although media outlets such as TV, radio, and magazines receive press releases all the time, the releases that get published successfully always seem to have the same characteristic. The content is APPEALING and COMPELLING, and the public would possibly go CRAZY over what you have to offer (in a positive way of course)!

Can you guess how much it costs to submit a press release?


Getting your press release published due to its appealing and compelling content is a surefire way to get FREE publicity to your company, offer, and website!

Can you imagine submitting a press release that successfully gets published? Imagine the amount of free publicity, and the tremendous amount of TARGETED WEBSITE TRAFFIC that will be generated to your website…for FREE!

The misconception!

Unfortunately a lot of misguided marketers have the serious misconception that basic public relations campaigns are only geared for large corporations and politics.

That is a misconception that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Public Relations and Press Releases are a powerful tool for ANYBODY looking to promote what they and/or their organization has to offer the general public!

For example if you are looking for a job or a promotion, a smart professional could employ a public relations campaign. Maybe there is a particular organization that has planned a fundraiser – public relations would be a tremendous strategy to use.

Is there a specific ‘cause’ that the public needs to be more aware and addressed? A strong Public Relations campaign is definitely the way to go.

An interesting fact is almost ANY product, service or business opportunity could be a prime candidate for a strong public relations campaign! It’s a matter of successfully creating a strong connection between the product, service or opportunity with a specific ‘cause’ that the public would lend an ear to.

What is a Press Release?

A Press Release forms the very beginning of a public relations campaign. In the offline world, press releases are submitted to Radio stations, TV stations, News reporters, Broadcast journalists, etc. These folks are ALWAYS looking for a hot story to publicize.

In addition, the ONLINE world uses press releases also!

Learn how to use Press Releases online!

The best way to learn about the subject of press releases is to simply see an example of a real online press release.

Below is the press release that has helped me achieve a tremendous amount of success. Learn and Enjoy!


Grow Rich System partners with P2W, shocking the internet marketing world.

Outdated programs on the internet have been plagued with low success rates due to the lack of support and personal assistance for their members.  However the release of the long-awaited Grow Rich System on February 15, 2007 has provided the all-encompassing solution. The Grow Rich Systems ingenious outsourcing assistance philosophy has helped its partners benefit from extremely high sales conversion ratios all over the internet.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 10, 2007 – The Grow Rich System (GRS) was created by four of the top internet superstars who are 6 and 7-figure multi-million dollar income earners with over 30 years of marketing experience. Their combined experience has allowed them to design the high-powered Grow Rich System in such a way that it benefits from the highest click-through and signup ratios in the industry.

The Grow Rich System is simple in its concept – the system takes the difficult tasks of running the business (including presenting the products, answering questions and closing sales) and provides the affordable outsourcing of all of these tasks for the business member.

Business members are taught to either apply powerful traffic generation strategies themselves or outsource the work to marketing specialists. As a result, the utilization of the Grow Rich System has given its members much higher conversions ratios coupled with a greatly improved rate of success.

Cedric Licuanan, part of the leading P2W members group, announces the successful launch of the GRS (Grow Rich System)  February 15, 2007 for his team. The successful implementation of the Grow Rich System is accelerating the success and growth of its members on a large scale.

Further Resources and Information are available on 206-350-2724, or via e-mail.
For details, please see http://www.DynamicWealthNow.org


Very interesting, isn’t it?

Did you notice that this press release is helps establish credibility for the system that I recommend? When a prospect reads a press release like this, at a bare minimum the prospect will do some research on the company and click on the various website resources mentioned in the press release.

Driving traffic to your website using a press release like this is what you want to accomplish as well. It is a good idea to do what you can to align yourself with the highest quality press release resources online.

One of the most popular Press Release resources on the web is called PRWeb.com. This website is where you want to go to read the press releases of other successful businesses, as well as to submit your press release for others to view as well.

When you visit the website, you’ll notice a tremendous amount of information that you could use to help you in your press release endeavors – make sure you maximize this resource to it’s full potential. It may have a tremendous positive impact on your online credibility as well as the success of your traffic generation efforts! http://www.PRWeb.com/ http://www.PRLeap.com/

He sold the Brooklyn Bridge!

The MASTER of Public Relations and Press Releases is a man named Paul Hartunian – he generated a fortune by using the POWER of Public Relations.

Visit his site and read about how he achieved tremendous success starting with this headline:

“How I Really Sold The World-Famous Brooklyn Bridge, One Piece At A Time…” http://www.PaulHartunian.com/ http://www.PrProfits.com/bridge.html

Just to let you know as a result of this ONE public relations campaign, talk-show host Johnny Carson called Paul for an interview!

Can you imagine creating so much buzz from a small public relations campaign like this, that an actual successful talk show host contacts you for an interview?

Can you imagine the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF TARGETED TRAFFIC that will get directed to your website as a result? Can you imagine what that would do for your business? Can you imagine being able to retire because of that ONE appearance? Astounding, isn’t it?

Brainstorm RIGHT NOW as to how you could create some buzz for your company, product, or service using the power of Public Relations– maybe I’ll see YOU on TV one day!

Your Action Step for driving massive amounts of targeted traffic to your website using Online Public Relations TODAY!

Research other press releases on PRWeb.com to help you create your first Press Release for your specific product or service. At a bare minimum, create a folder of other press releases for you to attain high quality ideas.

Cedric Licuanan is a thriving Chicago-Based Internet Marketer. He has focused on helping people
achieve what they want out of life and currently maintains several success-driven websites.

Learn How to Drive Massive Amounts of Targeted Traffic to Your Website! http://www.DynamicOnlineSuccess.com http://www.DynamicWealthNow.org

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cedric_Licuanan [http://ezinearticles.com/?Discover-How-Online-Public-Relations-Could-Drive-Laser-Targeted-Traffic-To-Your-Website-For-Free!&id=584670 ]http://EzineArticles.com/?Discover-How-Online-Public-Relations-Could-Drive-Laser-Targeted-Traffic-To-Your-Website-For-Free!&id=584670

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