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Discover Why You Need to Stop Blogging

This is not going to be easy. Here I am writing a kind of blog which essentially says you should stop doing it. But I’m going to say it all the same. Deep breath…..blogging is wasting your time and draining your profitability. You should stop blogging right away. That’s it. Hang up your keyboard and give up blogging. It’s a has-been activity.

I’ve spent the past three and a bit years actively blogging with several personal and business blogs. In total I’ve spent over 105 full 24 hour days writing blogs. That means I’ve lost that time to income generation. While I was blogging I wasn’t earning money. A third of a year gone without cash. Not a pretty thought.

So I investigated blogging. I’ve spoken with bloggers of all kinds and discovered one common theme. Bloggers are spending hours each week writing thoughts, ideas, messages like this one instead of what they used to do before blogging was invented, which was earning money. Almost no-one I spoke with earned any money from their blogs.

If you are a regular blogger, you need to ask yourself does it help or hinder your business? Blogging is a cost to your business that doesn’t appear anywhere in your accounts. Your probably try to keep down your phone bill, your transport costs and your accountancy fees. But the time you spend blogging will almost certainly add up to much more than these.

Blogging only works if you make money from it. You need to measure the impact of blogging on web site traffic, search engine positioning and resulting sales. You could also try to use blogs to generate cash as a separate entity.

True enough, blogging may be therapeutic, enjoyable, perhaps cathartic for you. But if you are in business and it isn’t generating cash, it’s a waste of your time and money

Graham Jones - EzineArticles Expert Author

Graham Jones is a psychologist who has investigated the way people use the Internet. His research can help you make the most of the Internet, particularly if you are hoping to make money online.

He also runs workshops on blogging http://www.bloggingworkshop.co.uk

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