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Do Your Blog Entries Have Zero Comments? Find Out Why

Blogs can be thought about from different perspectives.? While the history of blogs reveal that they? are meant to be online journals where people vent their daily frustrations and? feelings, today’s blogs are becoming the mainstream media for the most updated? news for any topic in the world.

A good blog, however, requires good consistent traffic.? One key feature of blogs is the ability for? readers to leave comments, and the great thing about the commenting feature is? that bloggers can choose to allow anonymous comments, which is unlike forums,? where user usually have to create an account in the forums in order to post.

So how then, do you get people to come back again and again,? and leave comments?? The answer lies in? two keys – the first is “Writing on Controversial Topics”, and the other is? “Responding to comments”

Writing on? Controversial Topics

People feel an urge to voice opinions when they find an idea? worthwhile commenting on, and when there can be different viewpoints to a? certain topic.? So, if you want them to? comment, leave some room for chatting!

As an example, you could pose an introduction to both? viewpoints, and then end of with a simple question – “What do you think?”

Responding to? Comments

It is important to realize that in many successful blogs,? readers comments will eventually form part of the blog contents.? To be able to get people to actively? contribute value to your blog is a very powerful way to build a value added? site!

However, your readers’ contribution is only the first? level.? In order to bring the quality of? your blog to the higher level, you need be able to hold a conversation under? every post – that is exceptional!

To achieve this, there must be a few things that you must be? do.

The first is of course, to recognize that you must respond? to your comments.? Your response to your? blog comments acknowledges the reader and their contribution, motivating them? to drop in time and again, to leave more comments.

The second, is to build in functionality in your blog to? allow your users to subscribe to comments.? ? This can be done using the comments RSS features, or using a comments? subscription service.

Thirdly, there must be a good commenting policy on your? blog.? To promote conversation, it is? recommended that do not require explicit moderation of every comment!? If you are concerned about comments spam,? install a spam filter.

Lastly, you, the blog author, need to be informed of? comments on your blog.? Most blogging? platforms allow email notification when there are new comments on your blog -? and bloggers can maximize the use of this in conjunction with a frequent email? checking practice to get almost immediate notification of comments on your? blog.

Kian Ann is a professional blogger and blog marketing trainer based in Singapore, passionate about using blogs as a key start to Internet entrepreneurship, and helping businesses get maximum presence by getting started in corporate blogging.? For more blog marketing tips and to get your free blog marketing e-course, check out his blog at? http://www.blogopreneur.com

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