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Effective Time Saving Tips For Getting Content For Your Blog

Blog might not be a very attractive word, but blogs are certainly a full blown force on the web today. Blogs can serve functions from fun to profitable, but they all share a single challenge: the search for fresh content.

A blog requires regular posts. If you have ever clicked onto a blog and discovered that no one has posted to it for 18 months, how impressed were you? Blogs are about providing up-to-date information and opinions, especially if you are using them as a marketing and search engine optimization tool.

To keep posting to your blog on a regular basis, you will embark on a permanent quest for post topics. But blog maintenance can get frustrating, especially during a dry spell of ideas for your particular blog. To avoid shoving your blog down your priority list until it withers like a bouquet of flowers, take steps now to set up a media monitoring system that will keep you showered in news and ideas.

Fast Sources of Blog Content

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is the technology that allows content to be distributed through the internet to people who subscribe to the RSS feed. RSS feeds are plentiful, and you can subscribe to content feeds related to the subject of your blog. To find syndicated content go to news websites, other blogs, press release websites, and article directories related to your subject matter. Set up your RSS reader system to collect these feeds. Then, you can quickly scan the headlines every day to check for relevant and fresh content. As you see items applicable to your blog, gather the information, and write up your own post about it.

Places To Get Feeds:

Major news sites like CNN.com, BBC.com, etc.
Google news alerts (These can be crafted by keyword by the way.)
Subscribe to applicable/useful blogs at MySpace, Blogger, TypePad, or elsewhere

Also you can sign up for some well chosen email newsletters or ezines that cover a certain industry, interest, hobby, product line, etc. This will also give you a supply of fresh content and point you to more links and resources.

All of this will save you from excessive surfing and wasted time. And you will be continually clued in on new websites that you can choose to monitor. If they don’t have an RSS function, bookmark the site.

Don’t ignore print media either. A subscription to a good magazine that covers subject matter similar to your blog’s theme can be an excellent way to fill gaps and expose yourself to new information, in depth reporting, interviews, and opinions.

Invite Someone To Write For Your Blog

A blog does not have to be a solo venture. If you encounter an expert or competent thinker and writer who shares your interests, then consider inviting that person to be a contributor to your blog. This will definitely boost your supply of content. The amount of control you exert over a contributor or contributors can range from reviewing and editing submitted material to granting the person full access to posting without review.

By initiating all or parts of these content gathering suggestions, information and commentary will start coming to you, and you will be in a position to efficiently stay on top of your subject area and compose fresh and interesting posts on a regular basis.

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