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Fast Press Release Writing – Press Release Writing

Press release writing has become an effective method of getting strong backlinks, in addition to article marketing.

I am just such a strong believer in article marketing that I cannot leave the topic alone.   So I will relate writing press releases to article marketing.  The thing with press releases and the reason I don’t promote them as much is that they are good for one link or two or three – but not hundreds, like with article marketing.   And you have to have something to promote.  You have to have something new going on, like a  new book or a new web site – but with article marketing you can write about anything – the same thing everyday, if you want.

Look at me – I write on about the same 20 topics – nearly everyday.  But that is ok.  But I do not think I could do that with press release writing, not and get away with it.

Plus, there are only a few press release sites, whereas with article marketing I think there are 800 now, or more.

But for direct traffic, with article marketing – just submit to the ones that have the most traffic – like the top 2 or 3.  That is all you need to do.

But if you are looking for backlinks with article marketing, then submit to many of them.

But with press releases – just write a few – and then post them to the free sites – there are about 5 online.

The problem is that you cannot just keep doing it – you have to rely on the article marketing and then use press releases for the newsworthy things.

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