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Getting Listed on Google in Just 7 Days

Google in no doubt is the people’s first choice when it comes to ranking high in a search engine, and getting listed in Google in just 7 days is not less then a magical boon for those who have tried to get indexed by Google times and times but every time they tried they have failed severely.

Well, Google after indexing more than 8 billion pages has become a lot more slower than ever and now it is believed that it takes you around 4-6 weeks for just getting indexed in its search results. Well I don’t know about you but its a heck of a time for me, waiting for 4-6 weeks just for getting is much more frustrating then anything else.

Ranking high in Google means a lot to me and it would be meaning lot to you too and after knowing that more than 40% of the total search engine traffic is driven by Google it now means a lot more to other people also. But the question now arises is that after hearing a lot about Google’s sandbox is there possibly any way of getting listed in Google more quickly than ever. The answer is… YES.

There are lots of ways of getting listed in Google faster than ever. But the best known methods are the 1. Google SiteMaps Technology and the 2. Inbound Links to your site. I will be discussing only these two here:

Google SiteMaps – Google SiteMaps Technology was created by Google’s programmers in order to help people to get there site listed much faster. Google SiteMaps is a sophisticated program which helps you to inform Google about your site make them aware of what your site is all about, how many pages your site consists of and which one of those are updated on a regular basis. It is not as complicated as it sounds in fact it is quite simple visit http://xml-sitemaps.com this website lets you create free xml site maps for your website and after creating the sitemap visit http://google.com/webmasters/sitemaps and just follow their simple guidelines and submit your site map its as easy as that.

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Build Inbound Links – Ok. If you think that you just don’t have enough time to do this all then this the most helpful thing for you. I personally use this too to get my all the pages indexed. This can be the most helpful and time saving process in two aspects because when you build links to get indexed remember that these links will also help you rank high in the search engines later. So, how does the whole process goes, this how:

You just build some quality incoming links to your site via article writing or link exchanges then don’t bother about submitting to the hundreds of search engines just carry on building lots of quality links and the search engines will follow you on their own. The next time the search engines visit those quality sites they will come following those links this is the best way of getting listed in all the search engines and it also doesn’t requires any expertise.

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