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Getting One Way Backlinks From High PR Blogs

Backlinks are like web gold. Every blogger wants them. Because they deliver traffic and search engine recognition.

Unless you’ve got oodles of admiring fans wanting to link to your blog, the big question is… how to get those precious backlinks?An even harder question is… how to get links from sites with a HIGH PAGERANK?

Now you can always put in the time required to get reciprocal links. But wouldn’t it be so much easier and faster if you could get the links to your blog without having to reciprocate?

So if we can agree on “one way high PR backlinks” as the perfect goal, the question still remains… How?

The answer is: Find other relevant blogs, visit them and post a comment that the moderator will accept. The comment software usually includes a place to type in your URL.

Bingo! You have your backlink. Sure, some search engine spiders dont follow those links if the blogging software add a rel=nofollow tag, but the spiders at 2 of the big 3 search engines reportedly ignore that tag.

Okay, we now have a plan.

It also sounds like a lot of work, but yes, we have a plan.

“How do I find relevant blogs?” you ask.

Just do a search through Google or Yahoo or MSN by typing in ‘keyword + blog’ and then visiting the sites that turn up to see if they accept comments. Some blogs dont accept comments, you know. They’re no good for our purposes.

BRIGHT IDEA… What if we could automate the process?

What if some handy dandy piece of software went out and identified all the blogs for your keywords, and then checked if they accepted comments, and also listed the PR ranking of those blogs?

Guess what?

I found a piece of automation software that does just that. And it’s FREE.

One way high PR backlinks… here we come!!

Your FREE backlinks software is waiting for you at BacklinksBreakthrough.com. Article written & copyrighted by Gary Harvey.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gary_Harvey

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