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Getting your Site Indexed in 24 hours

If you blog, build a website, market online or just about any other online activity one of the things you need to be successful is traffic.

Often the best sources of traffic are free.? Free in the sense they require no input of time.? They do however require an investment of time.? However 30 minutes invested into writing an article can be very large dividends over time.

Because the internet is so large – over 8 billion pages and at last count doubling in size every two years the only way traffic will come to your site is either through costly advertising methods, or through making your website more search engine friendly.? The problem with attempting to get your search engine more spider friendly is that most search engines love content – whereas people prefer having their senses aroused, whether it be visual – nice graphics, audio – nice sounds/music or kinesthetic – site impression/feeling search engines don’t.? They don’t care if the site is pretty, the only are looking for content so that they can index the page as relevant to the topic being searched.? Whilst there are some tricks you can do this basically comes down to the fact you need content – text and information and this doesn’t always make for an attractive site.

Many people overcome this by placing content on search engine friendly article directories.? Writing articles and submitting them has many benefits.? You can place links back to your site to give you a constant steady stream of free traffic.? It creates backlinks which and improve your sites importance and it gives you as an author an air of creditablity as well as massaging the ego when you see your name coming up regularly on search engine searches.? As well your article will be picked up by a multiple of websites with your links attached.? I am now rated as an expert author on many article directories and find my articles turning up all over the place.? If you take the time to write and submit to many directories you will be rewarded with traffic.

Further if you submit your article to 10 plus article directories you will find very quickly that your site will be indexed by the search engine spiders.? Take one example.? An early blog of mine travel rotorua took approximately two weeks to be indexed by the MSN web crawler.? However in later blogs which I always submitted a linked article with to at least 10 directories I found by the next day I could find them on the search engine results.? If not the original site, at least the connecting article.

You will find that you will soon want to submit your article to more and more directories.? An article submitter will greatly speed up what can become a very slow and time consuming process.

If you haven’t yet submitted to an article directory start now – unleash the author within you

For a great article directory submit to http://www.article-gems.com

For a great article submitter visit http://article-directory-pro.blogspot.com

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Alastair HARRIS is the main promoter for article-gems.com article directory and the getfinancialfreedom4u family of websites, blogs and projects (visit http://getfinancialfreedom4u.ws) specialising in online business opportunities and education, income being generated by affiliate marketing, google, GDI, ebay, clip flipping and more.? Alastair is rated as an expert author on numerous article directories and is very open to assisting others on the internet

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