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Have You Not Started Blogging? This Is Why You Should

According to Wikipedia blogging is a website where entries are written in chronological order, and displayed in reverse order.  There are many reasons people blog and here are some of them:

1. You want to tell a story – If you ever attended a college or a large university, there is  usually a location where people can speak their mind, and if anyone is bored they can lend an ear.  Now, if you are like most people (or belong to the world of nerdopolitans like me) , you would be make a puddle below you before uttering a single word in public.  Well, now you can speak your message, make your point and don’t have to worry about finding the nearest restroom.  Yes, you can speak your mind and if anybody cares, you’ll have a reader.

2. You want to share the same interests and find support – You want to share information on anything and everything to others: your favorite sports team, your hobbies, your annoying mother in laws, etc.  In sharing your interests, you will receive comments, advice and establish a nice little network of similarly minded people. Yeah, you don’t need to write to Dear Abby anymore!

3. It’s your public diary –  You want to keep track of events in your life? A blog is a great way to do it. Your first date, your son’s birth, your struggles.  Why not write it privately?  Not sure, I guess some people want everybody else to know.

4. You want to earn money – You can earn money on blogs by advertising or writing about advertisers. If you have a blog and can write decently, you can go to places like blogvertise or payperpost and write about a website or product for money!  Payperpost shows that one of their top bloggers made $2,500 over 1 month. Not bad!   You’ll end up promoting everything from [http://www.webcouponcodes.com ]promotional codes sites, to travel sites to drug sites.

Once you become an avid blogger you will realize it’s fun and your whole world of events will look “bloggable”.  The next time your baby starts crawling and saying “da da” you’ll start thinking to yourself.. is that bloggable? Ready to blog? Many blog sites are free, you just sign up and start blogging away. You can create free accounts through blogger or wordpress (google them) and you will find all you need.  Now, why do you blog?

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