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How Blogging Can Increase Traffic, and Be Very Useful for Search Engine Optimization

We all would like to increase our traffic, even if we are getting very heavy traffic we still would like to get more, and if you did not know it a? blog can actually create more relevant traffic for your website, when i first got into Internet marketing I kind of learned this on accident, and then it become a very useful technique for my clients, and my company.

Well if your interested in increasing your traffic with a blog keep on reading. The things that a blog can do for your website is create more “exposure” on search engines, I would start out by installing wordpress, and you can download word press at http://www.wordpress.com, and I would install this on your current domain of course.

Once you have this installed make a post every day, I would suggest doing about 10-20 a day if you’re really good, and keep in mind the more posts you make the more traffic you’re willing to drive to your website because you will have more pages indexed on search engines.

Always make sure your posts are unique, and straight to the point there is many social bookmarking plugins you can download for your blog too, and some of these I would recommended downloading would be http://push.cx/sociable and you can install this, this will create all the social bookmarking links in your blog posts.

Social bookmarking can have a high positive effect on traffic, so say if you write an interesting post someone can social bookmark it to digg, or any other popular site, and they say any one that appears on front of diggs website creates a link bait of about 500-1000 links to there website.

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