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How Blogs Can Boost Your Site Search Engine Visibility

When Google purchased Blogger some years ago, a new order in search engine optimization (SEO) emerged – and that order is ‘blogs SEO.’ Blogs are now considered to be one of the most effective ways not only of discussing products and services, but also of increasing the search engine visibility of sites. But how will blogs SEO boost your sales and improve your search engine rankings?? Read on to find out.

The edge of blogs

Blogs may seem simple enough to do, and you are right. When you know how to use it, it just might become one of your most precious marketing and SEO tools.

Blogs have evolved form being chiefly personal or political into high commercial and corporate, and this is precisely why blogs SEO is quickly becoming a very important aspect of web campaigns. Why are blogs such hits? Here are some reasons:

1. Blogs SEO experts say that blogs are friendly to search engines by design – they are meant to always contain new content that are abundantly interlinked.? This certainly explains why there are some very successful blogs that land on the first page of search engine results (for commonly searched terms) without even trying.

2. Blogs are also of the most inexpensive ways to promote a site. Blogs SEO practitioners usually just hire a competent content writer to maintain their blogs (if they cannot do it themselves).? Blogs may either be hosted by the website itself of diverted another blog server (which are also usually free of charge).

3. Blogs are also more ‘personal’ and interactive. The very fact that readers can react to the entries posted through the ‘comments’ functionality shows just how powerfully communicative blogs are compared to static content. Blog SEO experts say that businesses should give more premium to the feedback mechanism inherent in blogs – potential and actual customers can readily give comments and suggestions and even ask questions after reading an article. This kind of below-the-line business intelligence is indispensable to any organization of any size.

4. Finally, blogs are fairly easy to maintain. Absolutely anybody can run a blog. It is very easy to update and edit blog text, to add or remove links from its pages, etc. Blog SEO is by far the most easy-to-manage, straightforward, undemanding and cost-effective way of aggressively improving three important things in one go – search engine ranking, online feedback mechanisms and product or service sales.


Wessam Sabry is the senior Search Engine Optimization specialist at SEO Pulse with more than 5 years experience in online marketing and advertising. For More SEO articles and resources please visit? www.seopulse.com/articles

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