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How I Got 5000 Visitors to My Blog by Pressing One Button

More traffic makes more money
More traffic makes more money
More traffic makes more money

Remember that phrase because Traffic is the most important part of any website or blog. Every webmasters and bloggers are out there looking for more traffic. The more traffic you get, the more money you make online. It’s getting harder to get highly targeted traffic to your blog these days. Everyone is competing with everybody else. The search engines are getting tougher to get ranked well, the social bookmarking sites are getting tougher and let’s not talk about tag and ping. If you ping more then once a day, you’ll get banned. They how is one going to survive in the dog eat dog world?

All of these ways to churn out traffic for you blog works in its own right but I am going to show you how you can get guaranteed traffic every time anytime. Just imagine getting traffic just a push of a button. I was impressed of the method you about to learn because once I got 5000 visitors visiting my blog by me just pushing one button.

When I first learned about this I tested it and immediately it brought me some traffic. After a few weeks playing around with this method, I went full force on it and right now my site gets from 1000 to 2000 unique visitors per day. No wonder I can make $200 to $400 daily from my blog.

This method works with any blog or site. I guarantee it! I so trust this method of driving traffic to your blog that I am going to share it with you for free. The method is called “list farming”

List farming is building 3 – 5 list on the niche of your blog. You’ll need to build each list by sending traffic to it. You don’t have to worry about how big your list gets. Getting 200 to 300 subscribers per month on each list is good enough. Remember I suggest you build 5 list simultaneously which means that in a month you will have generated a total 1500 subscribers or more.

After building your list, you can start promoting your blog on it. Every time you send an email out to your list farm you know you will potentially get about 50% – 60% of them running to your blog.

You can build you list by offering your visitors free gift, free ebooks or even a free e-course. Once I offered $3420 of free ebooks, software’s and scripts to anyone who joined my list. I got 70% sign up rate for that list and within a week got about 3000 subscribers.

A word of caution, once you have built your list using your list farms don’t over promote your blog. No body likes to get a daily email for the same person. You could instead send one email per week to each of your list. You need to remember that you subscribers need to be taken care of; they are your only asset.

The only way to make money from your blog is to get more traffic. Easy Blog traffic is the best solution because it shows simple ways you can drive traffic to your blog with ease.

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