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How to Benefit from Press Releases Online and Off

Authors know they need publicity. It’s the Holy Grail that every writer, even successful ones, has to constantly quest for. Doesn’t seem fair when you consider that writers tend to be very happy curled up at home with the cat and a keyboard.

Promoting a book is hard work, but as you work at it and pick up some publicity here and there, the rewards make it worth it. Attention is better than obscurity, and one of the first steps for emerging from obscurity is to issue a press release.

A press release is your announcement to the world that you want attention because you are interesting. Even if your publisher is promoting your book, there is absolutely no reason you can’t put out a press release as well, especially when your book first comes out. At the very minimum you should send your press release to the local media. The newspapers will likely feature you or at least give you a blurb. Local authors get coverage all the time. In the past two years, I have appeared in my local daily newspaper twice and once in the local weekly and local university newspapers.

Then, if your book gets one or more good reviews, then that is an excellent reason for a press release. Of course, you want to tell the whole world that you got a good review, and success sells.

While you are keeping the local media informed of your book, you should also be feeding your news into the internet. An online press release can be an effective tool for driving traffic to your author website. The good news here is that there are multiple online services that distribute press releases for free or low cost.

An online press release will appear on the high traffic site of the press release distribution service and it will often be sent out in industry specific RSS feeds to interested readers who have opted in to the news service. Journalists also monitor online press releases, so you could get lucky and get coverage.

Another benefit of promoting your book with online press releases is that web publishers and bloggers can use the content of your press release on their websites. This spreads your message and gets links back to your author site. I had one of my press releases picked up and posted at two different forums that were a great match for the target audience for my fiction.

Since you are already an author, writing a press release for yourself should not be too daunting of a task. They are short formulaic documents that are meant to arouse interest. They are an important part of any publicity campaign, especially for book authors.

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Tracy Falbe is the author of both fiction and nonfiction books. She teaches the essentials of keyword-rich press release writing in her ebook Creating Publicity: Free Online Press Release Distribution, Second Edition and shares her research about numerous online news distribution services.

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