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How to Create Traffic Online Using Press Releases I

Yahoo News and Google news has opened up the use of press releases to the ordinary internet marketer.  Anybody who wants to know how to create traffic online using press releases has only to check out these sites to see the potential that they have.  It is estimated that half of all internet users use an online news site in any given month.  That’s an awesome number of people and you can tap that potential.

What you must do first is to plan your press release.  It must be on something interesting and focused on a specific topic.  Don’t be too general if you want to catch the eye, and make your most important point right at the start. Make them stay with you and click for more if necessary.

Don’t just state facts, but give your reader an opportunity to take action. A podcast, a free offer, a trial, the offer of a white paper often works.  Even offer a consultation, but make them click through.  Send them to a landing page that calls them to further action.  Don’t try to make a sale, but get them to click for a video presentation or a podcast, or even a video podcast.  The purpose of the landing page is to lead your visitor along a route that ends with your desired final result:  a purchase or a signature; anything that helps your marketing program.

Make your news easy to read, and provide a summary of it in an interesting way that encourages people to want to read more. Once you are happy that your press release is complete, easy to understand and grabs attention like any newsflash should, then publish it.

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