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How To Get The Most Mileage Out Of Your Press – The Power of Pull Quotes

Being covered by media, whether it is radio, TV, newspapers or magazines is exciting. While it’s great to add the story to your clip file (an electronic and print press kit of your media coverage), you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t work the press you have.

Getting and keeping the Media interested in your product, book or services requires a continual re-invention of the press you had yesterday, to get more press today. By using a powerful quote from the author of an article about you, you get more than you can imagine.

What is a pull quote? A pull quote is a brief and powerful statement. Here’s an example: Last year a client and I were written up in an article for Entrepreneur Magazine, Biz 101, on using a business coach for a start-up business. The article focused on how my client used my coaching to create her business from 0 in sales to over $250,000 in less than 18 months from idea to new product invention in the marketplace. Okay, so that’s great, but how can we make it more powerful. Here’s what the journalist said,

“O’Crean’s (advice) proved invaluable as a coach, helping Marshall build annual sales to a quarter of a million dollars.” Nicole Torres, Entrepreneur Magazine, February, 2006

If the article is left in my clip file, no one would ever see it or get the impact of that statement. For me it is an awesome marketing tool in building my business. There are however, even more powerful unconscious benefits to this pull quote:

A      powerful third party, Entrepreneur Magazine,      validates my skill A pull      quote has a long life expectancy, sometimes forever The      impact unconsciously is immediate upon the reader The      credibility of the magazine is extended to me unconsciously    Pull quotes give you leverage to use your current media to land the next story. Add a single line to your bio. For me it says, Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, which opens doors I can’t even imagine.

Take some time to go over the media you have received in the past. Here are some keys to using your press powerfully:

Create  a powerful pull quote from the article and use it as my example above Get reprints of the article if possible,
Get permission to use the photo and/or article on your website Keep copies in your online media center and press kit
Put a   link to the article on your website if the news agency has it online Always  lead with the cover of a magazine when presenting the information Add  your press to your bio  By doing these simple tasks you convey an important message to the media: I am a reliable source of information, see these other news agencies think I’m okay, you can trust my information.

Finally, respect the press you get. Although there seem to be an infinite number of opportunities for media coverage, most articles only feature one or two experts in a story. By getting media coverage and using the coverage you have in a powerful way, you make it easier for the journalist to quote you.

PS Did you find the 5 ways I used my media coverage for extra value? Email me for the answers at Maureen@mymediamatch.com

Maureen O’Crean is a Harvard grad and an International Business strategist who supports others to have their dreams come true. An unconventional MBA, she works with authors, speakers, licensed professionals and entrepreneurs in the area of business growth and development. Maureen often uses publicity to put her clients in the public eye for visibility. She is a published author and creator of an online community of over12,000 women.  Recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine where she profiled a client’s success, Maureen is available for speaking, interviews and consultations.  Please contact her at 310-379-9620 or visit her website at http://www.mymediamatch.com

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