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How To Get Your Message And Website Address On High Traffic Sites

No matter how big a number you use to describe how much information is on the internet, you would still be understating it. The internet is crowded, and it may seem impossible for you to get noticed. You have the nice website. You have the talent and the great product or service, but how do you even get past square one and get interested visitors to your website?

Your first step is a press release. Do this as soon as you have something newsworthy to announce. If you just completed a training or seminar that enhanced your professional skills or you are releasing a new product, then you have a reason for a press release. And those of you who are authors should issue a press release for the publication of every book, every time you get a good review, and every time you do an event.

Press releases should definitely be sent to your local media outlets – big and small. However, do not ignore the potential of distributing your press releases online. This is a critical place to announce your news and it will help you get visitors to your website. There are many online services that distribute news and they will accept your submitted press release for a fee and sometimes even for free.

These news distribution services work by accepting news and then marketing the content to journalists and web publishers. The news is also often placed in industry specific RSS feeds that go to anyone who signed up to receive the daily announcements for one or more categories. The news distribution services profit by charging distribution fees or placing advertising alongside all the constantly fresh content provided by the press releases.

Posting your news with an online press release distribution service will get your message with links to your website onto high traffic websites. It will also serve up your news to anyone looking for information on your topic because an online press release is visible to search engines. Best of all, web publishers, bloggers, and journalists might re-publish your news on another website. This happens very often, and you might get your entire press release re-published or at least get yourself a blurb in someone’s blog or news briefs.

Online press releases also tend to get picked up by websites with content related to the content of your press release. This is doubly important because it is matching your message with the proper target audience and it is boosting the relevance of your name with search engines.

As beneficial as press releases can be to you and your business, they are not a replacement for paid advertising or other marketing efforts. However, having news about you distributed on a regular basis lays the foundation for your other marketing efforts. Your press releases begin the process of brand and name recognition while gaining you immediate attention and visitors to your website.

So do not be shy about issuing a press release. As long as you have something reasonably newsworthy to announce, your press release will present a respectable picture of you and your business to the world. Keep in mind that most people get attention because they ask for it. [http://www.falbepublishing.com/pages/Creating_Publicity_with_Free_Online_Press_Release_Distribution.html]Creating Publicity

Tracy Falbe is the author of fiction and nonfiction books. She teaches the essentials of keyword-rich press release writing in her ebook [http://www.falbepublishing.com/pages/Creating_Publicity_with_Free_Online_Press_Release_Distribution.html]Creating Publicity: Free Online Press Release Distribution, Second Edition and shares her research about numerous online news distribution services.

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