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How To Increase And Maintain Relationship With Your Readers

Visitors and readers are the veins of your blogs. Without visitors and readers, your blog is nothing but a vacant house, all your posts are just written for yourself. Compare visitors with readers, readers play a more important role in your blog, that is because they read your blog. Visitors will run away once they can’t find anything they want in your blog, therefore, here are some tips for you to increase and maintain the readership of your blog, read on.

If your blog posts are very interesting, then you will increase the readers for your blog. However, to increasing the number of readers is an easy task. What is more difficult here is to maintain the readership between you, the author of your blog and the readers of your blog. Well, here are some tips that can help you increase and maintain readership of your blog.

First, appreciate your readers.

You can do this simple enough. Simply add some words into your blog to thanks your visitors and readers who visit your blog. You can add text right below the header of your blog, or somewhere your visitors will get the first viewed when they come to your blog. The content of this text is simple, just a few words to appreciate your visitors and readers for spending their precious time in your blog, and thanks them for visiting. You may also encourage them to subscribe to your blog posts if you want to. If you do this, I’m sure that the readers of your blog will increase. So you see, no secrets here, just a simple thanks will do.

Then, reply your readers comments.

When  your readers drop a comment in your blog post, be sure to visit their blog and drop back a comment. This way, you may find interesting blogs and posts of your readers, you may even find some ideas of how to build a better blog or write a more interesting post. Remember that this is cyberspace, it is flooded with information, all you need to do is just to dig them up, surf the net and you find precious information. Furthermore, you will create a better relationship with your readers who drop comments in your blog. If you follow this rule, chances are, the readers who drop comments will come back to your blog for more. This is what you want, returning visits, which is more valuable than visitors. And do not simply drop comments just for the sake of it, drop a good comment and the author of the blog will appreciate it.

Lastly, join blogs community.

You can use widgets provided by some blog community like MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog to track the visitors who visit your blog. Then you can pay a visit back to their blog, and if possible, leave comments in their blog. However, this is not the best way, because if your blog has got tons of visitors a day, then you will be busy visiting other people’s blog and got no time to leave comments. Therefore, this is more suitable if your blog is still young and need to increase readership. Use this kind of widget wisely, always think out of the box, ideas are everything.

These are the few tips that will help you increase and maintain your blog readership. Here is the golden rule of life : Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you, hence, appreciate your readers, and your readers will appreciate you. Happy blogging.

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