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How to Optimize a Blog

In this day and age an ever growing number of men and women are taking up blogging for a whole host of reasons.  Of course, many people are undertaking blogging for the sake of blogging itself.  Others are using blogs as a means of promoting a business enterprise or some other cause.

No matter what reason you may have taken up blogging, you naturally want to enhance the number of people who read your blog on a regular basis.  You want to develop a means through which you can optimize your blog.

There are in fact some different strategies that you can employ when it comes to optimizing your blog, when it comes to attracting more traffic and readers to your blog.  Some of the more widely utilized and effective methods you can employ to optimize your blog include:

– establish an RSS feed for your blog

– offer blog postings to readers and potential readers via email

– announce a new blog posting via email

– make sure you have a fast blog host so that a potential reader does not languish waiting for nothing

– use links to connect and interconnect your blog around the web

– utilized related post plugins in your blog

– ping other sites through with your blog

– utilize your own domain name for your blog

– manage your trackback and comment spam to avoid penalties from search engines

Once again, these tactics and tips have proven effective time and time again when it comes to enhancing traffic to a blog, when it comes to optimizing a blog on the Internet and World Wide Web.  These strategies will provide you a solid foundation upon which you can increase and enhance the readership of your own blog.

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