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How to Rev Up the Media Engine

There is always lots of talk in small business and entrepreneur groups about getting Free press. Most want to know how to get plugged into this opportunity, some never jump in and risk rejection and others are rejected again and again and keep on trying without success. A few of the intrepid have earned their success by learning how to whip up media frenzy and reap the rewards.

Let’s be clear on this. There is no magic way to get press.

Even PR professionals cannot guarantee that their client’s stories will be picked up by the media.

If you hit the right topic with the right perspective on the right day with the right person you will be bowled over by the prompt response and the peppering of questions that will ensue in the phone calls you receive.

It’s quite a rush to realize that someone is so interested in what you sent them that they want to make sure they are the first person to do an interview/story on the topic of your Press Release.

Doing business is about making things happen. These are some of the “happening” ways have the media dancing at your door.

1. Don’t wear yourself out sending releases to every publication & media outlet you can think of again and again with no result.

2. Choose a targeted list of media and research the stories they run on subjects such as yours. Identify which writers pen stories on topics and in a style you think appeals to your niche market.

3. Don’t see a story on a business like yours, write a release on the same topic and send it in thinking they will run yours because they ran the earlier story. It’s already been done. Provide a new perspective and it just might work.

4. If you are going to write your own releases get a friend to read/edit it before you send it. Make sure it’s someone who cares enough to tell you if they think you need to start over again, take a different tact or even suggest that you get someone else who has a different perspective to write the release.

5. Yes a press release should tell a story but if it’s too much story and not enough fact it’s not a release. Every release needs to have a news core that the story is fleshed out around. If you are telling a customer’s story get their permission and include a relevant short information piece about them to give credence to the story. Even the reputable no-charge web press release distribution companies won’t distribute it if the content doesn’t meet certain criteria.

6. Skew the odds in your favour by calling up your favourite reporter and asking if you can have a few moments of their time or take them for coffee. Interview them about their work instead of talking about what you want. Find out which topics and issues get them excited. Ask them for help on focusing your information. Be respectful of their time and show your appreciation for any time they can give you.

7. If the first person doesn’t respond, send it to someone else. Not all news people are created equal some are friendlier & more helpful than others. Some, quite rightly, stick to writing on their specialty or special areas of interest only.

Whatever you do, don’t take any rejection of your release personally.

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