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How To Stream Audio That Has A Magnetic Effect On Your Visitors

Podcasting and broadcasts were once described as the wave of the future on the Internet. That wave is finally here. More and more marketing experts are recommending that you implement audio or video on your website to increase conversion rates and the responsiveness to your offer. Although it is not a must at the moment, it may come to be sometime in the future.

The first step to steaming audio on your website is to find a good and reliable web server. If you currently are already registered to a webhost, check to see if it’s features support audio steaming. More than likely, it does.

Next, you’d need to invest in a good quality microphone to ensure crystal clear recordings. It’s important that you find a quiet time in the day to do your recording, and to eliminate distractions during your recording. After all, you do not want to start all over again when you are half way through your recording, especially if it’s a particularly long one.

Once you are done with your recording, you need to save it. You can save your file in  different formats, such as .wav, .mov and .mpg. Personally I recommend using .mpg as it has the best quality of recording from my experiences.

The final step is just to upload your files to your server and put the link on your webpage. This is easily done with only a few minutes of your time. Now, your audio is ready to be broadcast to the listening world.

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