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How to Use Blogs to Promote Your Internet Business Part I

Blogging is great advertising for your business if done properly, and if you know how to use blogs to promote your internet business then you are on to a great promotional technique.? This is because blogs provide fluid content that search engines love.

If you have the same old content on your website every time the spiders come along to crawl it, then they might get a bit bored and down-list you.? From being on the first page in Google, for example, you could find yourself down to page 2, and if you did nothing to remedy the situation then you might find that your web pages have disappeared altogether.

Search engines like change, because their prime concern is to provide a good service to their real customers, who are those using them to find information.? A web page (Google lists web pages, not websites) that is continually being refreshed with new content is of more use to a customer of Google than one that remains static.? There are three ways, basically, of providing regular free content.

You can manually edit the content of your website, adding new articles or changing the wording on each page, you can introduce RSS feeds or start blogging. The regular changes that are made to your blog will help you to get a high search engine listing, and so attract all that lovely free traffic.? Many people pay a fortune in PPC advertising costs to get on the first page of search engines, and a blog can allow you to achieve that for free.

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