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How to Use Blogs to Promote your Internet Business Part II

Blogging is a lot easier than writing fresh content all the time.? Anybody can learn how to blog, and even the software needed is free.? Contrary to what most people think, it is easy to set up a blog, and newcomers to the technique are normally pleasantly surprised at how easy it is.? You can update your blog in a few minutes, and you only have to do this a few times a week to keep the search engines happy.

Blogging is not spamming, because your blog readers have to take action to get access to it.? You don’t send a blog like you would send an email. Spamming is not an issue, and there are no such things as blog filters, so it will reach anybody that wants it.? Another benefit of blogs, is that other blogs can feature them. You can get a lot of traffic to your site that way, and you can email details to your list.? Just send them an email with a link to your blog.? Tell them what it is and do your sales spiel, telling them about how much they can learn from your blog, and you should get the traffic.

Keep in mind that traffic to your blog is traffic to your website, and you can use it as a marketing tool.? If you combine your blog with RSS you will be able to syndicate it to a very wide audience, and again, since RSS feeds have to deliberately added to people’s websites, you cannot be accused of spamming, and the readers will be targeted to your subject

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