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How To Use WordPress Stats To Improve Your Blog

I only recently installed the WordPress Stats plugin to my blogs. I thought I was getting enough information from the stats from my web host 1and1.co.uk. I knew how many visitors came to the blogs every day and the number of views each of the blog posts were getting. I’m wary of having too many stats as they can either confuse you and/or you can spend far too much time looking at and analysing them.

Statistics are there to help you so you should not be intimidated by them! That’s the beauty of WordPress stats, no gimmicks, impossible to understand data, just simple numbers. I’ve found many ways to use the additional features of WordPress stats to improve the performance of my blogs.

1  Search terms – You can see which terms were typed into search engines that led visitors to the blog. If you know which search terms are most popular you can write more entries on these topics and compose the post titles so more visitors can find your blog. I saw that “improve your blog” was a popular search term so I incorporated the phrase into the title of this article.

2  Inward links – You can see which links lead visitors to your blog. If visitors came from a link in a comment you have made at another blog then you can judge which blogs you should visit and comment at regularly. If visitors are coming from a social networking site such as Stumbleupon then you can try to submit posts there more often.

3  Outward links – There are also stats for which links in your post were clicked by visitors. This lets you know which links readers find most interesting and useful. I want to encourage readers of my blog to click through to guides and articles on my travel website, so that some will book accommodation or car hire through the affiliate links on my site. However I think it is also important to include links to any relevant information sources as this makes your blog a more valuable resource to readers. Therefore readers are more likely to subscribe to your blog and read posts regularly because the blog is perceived as more than a promotion vehicle for you business.

Karen Bryan authors Business Blog Boost, http://www.businessblogboost.com a blog to help businesses use blogging to market their business.  Karen wants to pass on the benefit of her experience blogging for her travel business, http://www.europealacarte.co.uk/blog to help you boost your business with a blog.

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