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How To Write A Good Press Release – Press Release Writing Tips

Here are some press release writing tips to write a good
press release. A well written press release will get you a
lot of free publicity. However, reporters and journalist
receive hundreds of press releases everyday and you need to
ensure that you write a good press release to get their

Your headline forms the most important part of your press
release. You need to ensure that it grabs the attention of
the reader. Journalists will not read your press release if
the headline does not grab their attention.

Make sure that you cover a newsworthy event with enough
substance to justify a press release. The first paragraph
of your press release needs to cover the who, what, when,
where, why, and how. Avoid sales pitches and use factual
information. Tell your story in the third person and avoid
“We” or “I”.

In your body you will expand on the detail and use quotes
to personalize your press release. Write in clear plain
English without cliche’s and jargon using short sentences.
Also use grammatically correct English and spelling.

You can use the following press release template to format
your press release.

[Company Logo]

Contact Information                Date of Press Release

Main Headline

Body Of Press Release

Further press information is available at [Internet Address]
or contact [Contact Details]

I recommend distributing your press release using online
press release firms like PRleap or PRWeb. PRleap is free
while PRweb charges a fee for submission. They both have
excellent news distribution channels and your press release
may also feature in Google News which will give you a top
search engine ranking for a week. You can also do keyword
research and optimize your press release to be found by
search engines and the backlinks also count towards your
link popularity.

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